More Interest Rate Shocks

Apparently, traders are referring to Liz Truss as “Daggers”, as in Dagenham, which is two stops after Barking.  It’s also rumoured that there have been letters of no confidence submitted against Truss who is less than a month into her spell as Prime Minister.  We used to joke about being two Leeds managers away fromContinue reading “More Interest Rate Shocks”

A few thoughts on mortgages…

1980 In 1980 the average UK wage was roughly £6,000 p/a.  The average UK house price was approximately £23,300.   2022 The average full-time salary in the UK is now £31,000, there or thereabouts.  The average house price; £281,000. Wages increased by 416%. Property prices increased by 1,106% Something went wrong. Forty years ago, a personContinue reading “A few thoughts on mortgages…”