Mortgage Advisor on FIRE started in 2019 to chart my progress from working for a living to becoming financially independent. The FIRE movement is based on the goal of becoming Financially Independent, so that you can Retire Early.

I’m a mortgage advisor and have read extensively around different types of investing. However, the views in this blog are my own and are not meant to constitute advice or opinion about your specific circumstances.

Investing is risky if you are not informed or educated. Please make sure, before you invest, that you are educated and understand the investment.


Did you receive financial help from family or friends? You must have been given a head start by your parents?

My parents are great, and the best I could wish for. However, financially we struggled for much of my life. My parents were teenagers when I was born, but they did everything they could to support me. Financially they did what they could, but this is far removed from those middle-class parents who can just gift their kids thousands of pounds. My financial progress is my own, but it wouldn’t have been possible without the love, and emotional support from my parents.

How did you learn about money?

Working for a bank for over a decade helps, but I’ve also read a lot of books on the subject. Check out my reading list here.

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