“Objection! I have no confidence in myself.”

Only the Tories could be stupid enough to; 1) get themselves into a position where they have no confidence in their own party, and 2) respond to a motion of no confidence by rejecting said motion, and putting forward their own. This is due to the motion put forward by Labour mentioned Boris Johnson, which arguably goes against tradition. Take a look at this guy, though:

I mean… Just… I can’t even…

The no confidence motion means little at this point. The Tories aren’t going to slam their own party, despite how the situation has come about. These people have no shame, and their hypocrisy is so blatant it almost passes some people without being noticed. All these contenders for the leadership banging on about how they are different, ignoring the fact they’ve been part of this clusterfuck for years.

We can trace this shitshow back to Cameron, who organised the EU referendum with no expectation that Leave would win. At the time, I predicted that Leave would win, but I also predicted that the formalities of leaving the EU would never get through Parliament. For a long time I held to that prediction, but it didn’t come to pass.

When the results were in, Cameron walked away. May became PM and had an unenviable task. I think she only held on to power because no one else wanted the job. Eventually, she had to leave as the Brexit shambles rumbled on. Now, we have Boris leaving office after gaffe, after scandal, after embarrassment, after disgrace.

Covid would have happened regardless of Brexit, but had the Remain vote won would we have ended up with Boris as PM? I doubt it. Our economy might have been in a stronger position to ride out Covid had we been part of the EU. Who knows, as it’s all hypothetical.

Unless the Tories pull out a game changing policy, they are toast. I’m just not sure that Labour has enough power behind it to win a majority at the next election. We could see another coalition government, which would mean nothing gets done.

I can’t decide what is more amusing; this no confidence debacle, or Amber Heard’s legal team objecting to its own question in the recent trial?

One major concern I have about any new Tory leader, is how they will handle the economy. Most of them are pushing the line of tax cuts. However, you can only cut taxes if there’s money to be saved elsewhere. Unfortunately, there’s only one place I can see those cuts happening and that’s in public services; the sort of services that provide for the vulnerable sections of society.

The UK budget makes for scary reading as we spend tens of billions of pounds servicing national debt, and we carry a national debt of over £1T. Depending on where you look, and how recent the reports are, we spend around £70B just servicing the national debt, i.e. paying the interest on the debt. This roughly double what we spend on defence.

Tax cuts aren’t the answer. We’re already running a deficit of tens of billions each year. So, what is the answer? In short, there’s no magic bullet because of just how badly this country has been fucked by a decade of Tory rule, and this is the crux of the matter. The Tories put us in this position; do you trust them to get us out of it?


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