Part 167

Hello and welcome back to Mortgage Advisor on FIRE.  This week I discuss my surgery at the start of the year.  Also, some frustrating developments with our service charges.   Weekly Update:  There’s only one major talking point this week: the surgery I had on Tuesday 3rd January.  For over a year I’ve had a largeContinue reading “Part 167”

A little look at energy…

In light of the insane cost of energy we are faced with, I started looking at our energy consumption, and it’s thrown up some surprises.  Since having a smart meter installed we’ve been able to cut down how much energy we use, but I suspected there was still some savings to be made. It turnsContinue reading “A little look at energy…”

Spoons and Hit Points

It’s all about spoons.  Or hit points.  Or room in your inventory.  It could be any of these three concepts you use, or it could be something else, but I’m out of spoons, my hit points are at zero, and my inventory is full.  I don’t think I’ll be able to put out a full,Continue reading “Spoons and Hit Points”

“Objection! I have no confidence in myself.”

Only the Tories could be stupid enough to; 1) get themselves into a position where they have no confidence in their own party, and 2) respond to a motion of no confidence by rejecting said motion, and putting forward their own. This is due to the motion put forward by Labour mentioned Boris Johnson, whichContinue reading ““Objection! I have no confidence in myself.””

Part 137: A Week in Malta

This Sunday’s regular post will be a little later than usual, as by the time you read this I will be travelling back from an impromptu trip to Malta with my girlfriend and our crazy alligator mascot. This is Alan the Alligator, at the city gates of Valletta: Most of this has been typed upContinue reading “Part 137: A Week in Malta”

2020 Review

Hello and welcome back to Mortgage Advisor on FIRE.  This blog post is something of a bonus installment, as we say goodbye to 2020 and look forward to 2021.  This entry is somewhat different to my normal content, in that there will be less focus on finance and more focus on mental health, and aContinue reading “2020 Review”