2023 Goals

Goal 1

Lose 15kg by 30/06/23

Rather than setting a weight loss goal for the full year, I’m going to break it down into two halves. By the end of June I want to have lost 15kg from my starting weight of 126.4kg.

As the weeks progress I will update the chart alongside this goal.

Goal 2

Virtual Distance Challenge – Mariner Valley (4,000km) – by 31/04/23

Between walking and cycling, I’m aiming to complete the approximate length of the Mariner Valley on Mars.

As I progress through the challenge I’ll update a graph showing my progress.

*End date pushed back a month due to surgery.

Goal 3

Book Challenge

10 books I’ve not completed before for each of the following three categories; female authors I’ve not read before, foreign authors I’ve not read before, and “classics”.

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