Part 144

Hello and welcome back to Mortgage Advisor on FIRE.  This week I talk rant about Bullshit Jobs.  Also, a reminder of why financial independence is so important to me as an autistic person is a neurotypical world.  There are some positive financial updates and the usual memes and gifs.  First, the Quote of the Week:Continue reading “Part 144”

Spoons and Hit Points

It’s all about spoons.  Or hit points.  Or room in your inventory.  It could be any of these three concepts you use, or it could be something else, but I’m out of spoons, my hit points are at zero, and my inventory is full.  I don’t think I’ll be able to put out a full,Continue reading “Spoons and Hit Points”

CoastFIRE & BaristaFIRE: Thoughts for the Future.

There are several types of FIRE including FatFIRE and LeanFIRE, but I’ve recently discovered two other types; Coast and Barista.   CoastFIRE is where you invest heavily in the early years and then let the investment compound without too much emphasis on adding to the investment pot during the coasting period.  An example of this wouldContinue reading “CoastFIRE & BaristaFIRE: Thoughts for the Future.”

Part 143

Hello and welcome back to Mortgage Advisor on FIRE.  This week I cover a range of subjects; the recent heatwave across Europe, a bit more on inflation following the post I published midweek, the usual financial updates, and a rant about streaming services.  First, the Quote of the Week: Quote of the Week “1976 wasContinue reading “Part 143”

Part 142

Hello and welcome back to Mortgage Advisor on FIRE.  This week I discuss the first set of images from the James Webb Space Telescope.  Also, a look at the Tory leadership contest.  I also look at how best to pay my mortgage off.  There are the usual financial updates, and what I think is theContinue reading “Part 142”

“Objection! I have no confidence in myself.”

Only the Tories could be stupid enough to; 1) get themselves into a position where they have no confidence in their own party, and 2) respond to a motion of no confidence by rejecting said motion, and putting forward their own. This is due to the motion put forward by Labour mentioned Boris Johnson, whichContinue reading ““Objection! I have no confidence in myself.””

Part 141

Hello and welcome back to Mortgage Advisor on FIRE.  This week I take a look at two opposing methods of debt repayment; the snowball method and the avalanche method.  Also, the latest update on the index valuation of my property.  There are the usual financial updates, and I can’t let the week pass without talkingContinue reading “Part 141”

Mortgages vs Investing

Mortgage vs Investing In FIRE communities there is a question asked daily; should one pay their mortgage off as soon as possible, or use that spare money to invest? For the last couple of decades, it has made sense, for many people, to invest in the stock market, as even passive index funds would generallyContinue reading “Mortgages vs Investing”

Part 140

Hello and welcome back to Mortgage Advisor on FIRE. This week, I discuss wealth and share my thoughts on the super wealthy. Also, some thoughts on how my ISA balance and residential mortgage balance may crossover in just a couple of years. More Tory Shambles, and another exhausting week. Weekly Update Another exhausting week.  I’mContinue reading “Part 140”