A few thoughts on mortgages…

1980 In 1980 the average UK wage was roughly £6,000 p/a.  The average UK house price was approximately £23,300.   2022 The average full-time salary in the UK is now £31,000, there or thereabouts.  The average house price; £281,000. Wages increased by 416%. Property prices increased by 1,106% Something went wrong. Forty years ago, a personContinue reading “A few thoughts on mortgages…”

Part 139

Hello and welcome back to Mortgage Advisor on FIRE. This week I take a look at the differences between student loans in the UK and US. Also, how changes to mortgage lending rules might not actually change anything. There are the usual financial updates, and something I never thought I’d type; Dinosaur Woman. First, theContinue reading “Part 139”

Part 138

Hello and welcome back to Mortgage Advisor on FIRE. A return to normal service this week following my trip to Malta. In Part 138 I discuss asylum seekers, and the disgraceful policies of this Tory government. Also, some updates on our search for a BTL, with a slight change of direction, and the usual financialContinue reading “Part 138”

Part 137: A Week in Malta

This Sunday’s regular post will be a little later than usual, as by the time you read this I will be travelling back from an impromptu trip to Malta with my girlfriend and our crazy alligator mascot. This is Alan the Alligator, at the city gates of Valletta: Most of this has been typed upContinue reading “Part 137: A Week in Malta”

Part 136

Hello and welcome back to Mortgage Advisor on FIRE. This week I take aim at the Jubilee celebrations, with another breakdown of the weekly Tory Shambles. Also, some information on our second BTL purchase. Finally, a more detailed look at interest only mortgages. First, the Quote of the Week: Quote of the Week There’s aContinue reading “Part 136”